Discover the Unparalleled Advantage, Alice Meredith
Brings to Your Events

Unlock the potential of your organization by inviting our most popular culture strategist and leadership guru to your next virtual or in-person event: Alice Meredith. Drawing from an enriched career that spans over 23 years in senior-level leadership roles and her recognized credentials as a Certified Senior HR Professional (SPHR) and Change Management Professional (CCMP), she is more than a speaker – she’s a force for change.

Her passion isn’t just rooted in theory but stems from a deep desire to cultivate cultures of inclusivity, change, and belonging. Every word Alice speaks, every strategy she unfolds, emanates from her genuine commitment to help leaders transform their work environments from the inside out.

Virtual Learning Session

50 Minute

A 50-minute learning session + a short Q&A that brings energy, expertise, and motivation straight to your virtual platform.


On Site Speaking Engagement

90 Minute

Engage in intimate, impactful mentored learnings in smaller groups, perfect for team-building or targeted training.


Keynote Speech

up to 50 Minutes

A premier speaking experience, tailoring a compelling message to your audience’s aspirations and challenges.


On-site Company Workshop

4 Hours

4 hours of comprehensive insights, activities, and actionable takeaways to empower your team or attendees.


What truly sets Alice apart? Beyond her pioneering leadership techniques and her 20+ popular leadership development courses under her belt, is her personal journey. Balancing a stellar career with a large family, Alice exemplifies the spirit of resilience, commitment, and the pursuit of ‘what matters most.’ Such life experiences infuse her teachings with authenticity and make her insights invaluable, especially in today’s challenging work environments.

Incorporate Alice into your next event or meeting, and witness firsthand the transformative power of authentic leadership and lived experience.

All fees are benchmarked competitively, reflecting the value and expertise of our leadership speaker. Tailored content, travel, and accommodation adjustments (for on-site engagements) may result in additional costs.

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