Raving Reviews

“Our speaker was awesome. He made challenging concepts easy to understand. I loved the real life examples he shared. Even a beginner, like me, could understand. No words are good enough to thank him. Great work!”

“I love this guy!! He made me want to listen and learn. I did not get bored at all and even found myself laughing throughout his presentation.”

“Our presenter was an energetic and passionate presenter.  Her learnings inspired my team to become stronger influencers for positive change.”

“Our Speaker was great and was easy to understand and follow. The materials in this training helped me get through some annual appraisals. I have felt powerless in a work relationship and have been carrying baggage, her teachings helped me learn how to deal with this situation better. I am looking forward to our next scheduled session with her.”

I greatly enjoyed this virtual training on Cultivating Learning Cultures and found the learnings easy to follow and most enjoyable. I have taken notes and plan to reference them time and again as I continue my own leadership growth.”

“Our speaker is a superb presenter and makes each of his sessions interesting and informative! I appreciate how he shares real life cases. One of the best and most interesting virtual trainings I have attended.”

Our speaker’s presentation contained a lot of great ideas.  Very useful information, well presented, and exactly what our company needed.”

“He has the unique gift of teaching while making it fun. I call it edutainment, and every time I read an article he has published, I learn something. It could be a piece of technical detail I was not aware of( or had forgotten about) or something about the way he delivers material. Keeping a listener engaged while delivering training is no easy task and in this our speaker excels.”

“Our presentor was an awesome trainer. 5 stars all around.  Can’t wait to learn from him again. His technical accuracy of the content was spot on.”

“I am embarking on a new project with a new team, in an area I am not 100% comfortable with.  The timing of this learning session and it’s material was perfect for me. I will be taking these newly attained tools on my new journey. Thank you, My Mentored Learning.”

When presenting our speaker stands up and says it like it is. Very refreshing and very needed in today’s changing work enviroments.”

I love, love, love this presenter. She’s very enthusiastic and interesting to listen and learn from. I love her focus on simple steps to become more agile and relevant in my career.”

“All I can say is WOW, Dale left me with my mouth hanging open, wanting to learn more.”

Great session! As a supply chain professional his teachings helped me better understand the concerns of our IT department.
He made the material much less painful than I expected it to be! Thank you for that!