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Navigating the intricate landscape of cybersecurity requires an expert, and Dale Meredith stands as a beacon in this domain. With more than two decades of dedicated experience, Dale doesn’t merely understand cybersecurity — he’s lived it, shaped it, and led others through it.

Dale brings an impressive blend of credentials to the table. As an EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker and Microsoft Certified Trainer, Dale promises more than just textbook insights.

Along with speaking at numerous IT conferences globally, he has authored, facilitated, and produced over 60+ IT training courses for Pluralsight, a leading platform for technology skill development. 

But what sets Dale apart isn’t only just his vast reservoir of knowledge. It’s his innate ability to transform intricate cyber jargon into comprehensible and engaging narratives. Dale’s sessions aren’t just informative; they are interactive, memorable, and laced with a perfect blend of rigor and relatability.

It’s rare to find someone who not only holds robust technical acumen but can also capture an audience’s attention, making the learning experience not just enriching but also deeply memorable.

Virtual Learning Session

50 Minute

A 50-minute learning session + a short Q&A that brings energy, expertise, and motivation straight to your virtual platform.


On Site Speaking Engagement

90 Minute

Engage in intimate, impactful mentored learnings in smaller groups, perfect for team-building or targeted training.


Keynote Speech

up to 50 Minutes

A premier speaking experience, tailoring a compelling message to your audience’s aspirations and challenges.


On-site Company Workshop

4 Hours

4 hours of comprehensive insights, activities, and actionable takeaways to empower your team or attendees.


Dale’s commitment to safeguarding businesses is evident. He’s not only focused on the present but is continually gearing organizations to preemptively counter the cyber threats of the future.

His reputation and credibility have been affirmed by an impressive roster of leading organizations that have sought his expertise. These entities recognize the imperative need for top-tier cyber training and have entrusted Dale to educate their teams. His clientele reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of industry giants and includes esteemed names such as U.S. Homeland Security, Mastercard, Ford, Canadian Tire, Microsoft, and Kroger, among others. This diverse and prestigious list not only underscores the breadth and depth of Dale’s knowledge but also signifies the universal trust and value that he brings to every engagement, irrespective of the industry or sector.

All fees are benchmarked competitively, reflecting the value and expertise of our leadership speaker. Tailored content, travel, and accommodation adjustments (for on-site engagements) may result in additional costs.

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