Firewalla Gold Review: Monitor And Secure Your Home Or Business Network

by | Aug 1, 2023

Every day, we hear about cyber attacks and the damage they can do. Whether it’s a business or someone’s personal information that has been compromised, these attacks are becoming more and more common. And as our lives move more and more online, the need for good cybersecurity becomes even more important. One way to help protect your home or business network is by using a firewall. A firewall is a piece of software or hardware that helps to prevent unauthorized access to your computer or network. There are many different types of firewalls available, but one you may want to consider is Firewalla Gold. 

Firewalla Gold is a firewall designed for home and small business users. It provides protection against malware, ransomware, and other online threats. In this Firewalla Gold review, we dive deep enough to find out if this firewall hardware is the best device for monitoring your business or home network.

Firewalla Gold Explained

Firewalla Gold is a cybersecurity device that combines a router and a smart firewall in one compact design. How does it compare to other Firewalla devices? Comparing Gold to Firewalla Red and Blue, the Gold is packed with features and benefits (and we’ll get into all of those below). It can support over 3 Gigabit of throughput on top of the existing feature sets (versus 1 Gigabit of throughput you get with Firewalla Purple). Firewalla Gold introduces many exciting new functionalities. What kind of amazing functionalities? Router mode, network segmentation, and enhancement and rules. Firewalla Gold is a fully functional router. The new Firewalla Purple has some of these features as well. 

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With four Ethernet ports with Gold, you can segment the network with physical LANS and VLANs to isolate traffic in different segments and apply different policies. For example, you can create a guest network as a VLAN and block devices in the guest network from accessing other parts of your network. You can also use a device group when you want to manage multiple devices with the same policy that you can set up and customize. For example, on your kids’ devices with one tap, you can control internet access for all devices in the group. Simple. As a parent, this is one beefy piece of hardware that can do a ton to help you monitor and manage your home network. There are many other design features we love, but here are some of our quick thoughts on the Firewalla Gold.

Our Quick Thoughts On Firewalla Gold

Pros: We love how Firewalla claims “Firewalla Gold [is] the world’s most affordable multi-gigabit smart firewall.” And after doing some research, this is primarily true. Firewalla Gold does a LOT. If you want privacy protection? You got it. Looking for optimal cyber security? Dunzo. Parental controls? Bingo. We counted over 20 useful and effective features and benefits of Firewalla Gold. It’s just layer after layer of enhanced and effective security for your home or business network.   

Cons: This device does a TON! The amount of features and benefits along with all the other bells and whistles, and amounts of data you can find is incredible. So how is that a bad thing? Well…it can be a bit overwhelming. Although we didn’t find installing and using Firewalla Gold to be terribly difficult, we understand how many entry-level users could experience a learning curve with this piece of somewhat complex hardware. But diving into the tutorials and help support on their website will help reconcile any issues you face. Spending a modest 15-20 minutes to learn and understand how to install Gold will pay dividends. During the review, we really didn’t find anything of negative value about Firewalla Gold.

Verdict: Firewalla Gold is the perfect solution for any family that wants complete control of their home network. Whether you are looking to block pesky ads or protect against hackers, this device offers it all with ease and precision! Takes a little bit of time for setup, but the benefits are definitely there.

As if its innovative features weren’t enough reason alone why every household serious about network security should consider getting one today…it also comes at an affordable price point (within the context of what it can do) which will fit even those tight budgets out there. 

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Firewalla Gold Features We Love…

Firewalla Gold is a great solution for monitoring your home network security and even your business. It’s a powerful firewall and intrusion detection system that will protect your data and keep you and your business and family safe online. This is a perfect device especially if you run a business from home. A few of my favorite features of this product are that it acts as a firewall, has a 3 Gigabit deep packet inspection hardware (compared to Purple’s 1 Gigabit), and has content and policy-based routing. Other features worth mentioning are:

  • VPN Client (for secure browsing and streaming, encrypts your data)
  • Bridge Mode which can bridge two networks seamlessly together
  • Simple plug and play features for setup (they claim 5 minutes…for most, it might take a little longer though)
  • Robust network segmentation
  • Enhanced and effective parental controls
  • Built-in ad blocker 
  • Geo-blocking
  • Multiple WLAN Connections. You can hook up to 4 separate WLAN connections. For example, while I’m already using 2 connections, I can also use one for my fiber connection and another for my Starlink Satellite. I can load balance them, failover them, or load balance them with a priority level for each port. Firewalla Gold’s multiple WLAN connections feature is pretty sweet.
  • Has 32GB of storage
  • Firewalla Gold Is relatively small
  • A VPN encryption speed of 120 Mbits

This is a very robust piece of hardware and many will be overwhelmed with the amount of data you can get from Firewalla Gold. The trick is sifting out what is important to you as the user. And those priorities are probably going to be different from parent to a business person. You might understand some of what was mentioned above. But there may be some of you who won’t exactly know what all of this is. And that’s okay. Just understand that it’s awesome tech. But features smeatures. How do all of these high-tech, enhanced features benefit you? 

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Firewalla Gold Benefits

Bear with us because some of these benefits just won’t speak to you. Some of them we get geeked about and some are ones most people (parents…we’re talking to you) can relate to. Here are some of the benefits of the Firewalla Gold that you should be stoked about:

  • Incredible protection. Firewalla Gold will keep your devices and data safe from cyber attacks
  • Firewalla’s VPN client alone is worth the cost of the device. No monthly contracts. After a few years, on this benefit alone it can pay for itself. 
  • Firewalla Gold will monitor and control internet usage of every device connected to your network. Want to restrict internet access on one device and not the other? Easy. Don’t want little Jonny playing online games between 5-7? Simple. Want to receive alerts and notifications about certain online activity on your network? Not a problem. Block adult content. Easy. Block porn. No sweat. Want application-based monitoring? Firewalla does it all.
  • The Firewalla app and its integration with the piece of hardware is flawless and easy to operate. If you do have issues, there are ample amounts of tutorials online to help.  
  • Geo-Blocking is another awesome benefit because we can block any network traffic from China, Turkey, Russian, Taiwan, Romania, and any of those countries that have a high concentration of incredible hackers. This benefit alone can stop hackers from attacking your business and personal data. 
  • Firewalla Gold is going to block ads, which let’s be honest…can be very annoying at times.
  • Building a well-oiled and well-protected network is a breeze. Block domains and domains with wildcards. Block IP addresses. Port-based blocking abilities. Notifications when any device is online or offline. Regulate network traffic so you can prioritize traffic and reduce delays. Get impeccable and useful data insights into your network usage.  

It’s understandable why there would be a little bit of overwhelm when looking at all the amazing things Firewalla Gold can do. It has a lot of power to do some incredible things. Theoretically, it is built for the advanced user. BUT…Firewalla Gold is the piece of hardware that will make you feel secure knowing your home and business networks are protected. 

How Do I Install Firewalla Gold

Firewalla makes it easy to get started with their products by providing a step-by step guide on how you can easily install them. First of all, download the free Firewalla app from either Apple Store or Google Play store and follow instructions for connecting devices including plugging in the power code provided along with cords that connect everything together nicely. 

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Firewalla Gold Help/Support

The company’s support services are phenomenal. They offer a variety of ways to get help, including an extensive community and router compatibility checker tool that can pinpoint any issues you’re having with your device in just seconds!

All in all, their support services include a help center, a community (and I have found a lot of useful information there), router compatibility look-up, install guides, user manuals, app download helps, troubleshooting guides, and your basic contact help support tickets. 

Firewalla Warranties

We’re happy to report that Firewalla is a brand we can trust. The warranty for their products stands behind its promise of quality and longevity, as well! All Firewalla hardware (Gold included) is backed by a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty. In the scope of hardware devices, a one-year warranty is pretty good. This doesn’t mean you can be rough with the device. It is a Limited Warranty under normal use and service. They also have a decent return policy as well (30 days), but if you don’t buy directly from Firewalla (like Amazon, Indiegogo, or another reseller) you will have to follow those store policies on returns and refunds.   

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This Device Is The “Gold” Standard

If you’re in the market for a new network security solution or are just curious about Firewalla Gold (or any of their other products like Firewalla Purple), we highly recommend giving this one a try. It’s an investment that could very well pay off in the long run thanks to its combination of features, benefits, vast online community, and customer service. Plus, if you do happen to have any issues with your device, Firewalla’s support is top-notch and they offer a decent hardware warranty that will make you feel at ease. They literally take the risk out of delivering you optimal security for your home or business. Grab a Firewalla Gold today!

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